Acceptance of quotation and payment of deposit will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please ensure you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions below.  For any questions please email us at



Project Terms and Conditions Agreement


General Project Terms

Paperboy Media Group (PMG) and the Client enter into this agreement with the understanding that PMG will perform the creative services listed and given to the Client for review on the proposal, estimate, and or invoice in exchange for the agreed service fees. 


All projects require a minimum of 50% of the invoice total prior to project start and require the balance of the payment to be paid at project completion.  Additional terms of payment can be found on the Client’s invoice.


If any projects exceed the estimate given, PMG will contact the Client to gain approval to increase the invoice total prior to proceeding with the work.


Original Content Ownership and Intellectual Property

At time of project completion, with no outstanding balances on that project; the delivered final project and its components are owned by the Client.  The Client understands that PMG will reserve the right to display final work on our website or in promotional materials.  Should the Client like to limit the display of final work, the Client must submit the terms of such limits in writing to PMG at


Purchased Stock

PMG does our best to create our own content and or use license free content, however if PMG does need to purchase stock imagery, videos, photos, illustrations, or other files to complete your project, all stock license information will be forwarded to the Client at project completion, at which time it becomes the Client’s responsibility to adhere to the stock license use guidelines.


In-Person Videography and Photography

PMG and it’s staff are fully trained and insured to conduct filming and photography services in-person and are not liable for the safety and well being of non-PMG staff at such sessions unless specified in another agreement and or hired by PMG to be a part of the project.  All persons to be filmed or photographed must sign an individual release form prior to starting the project.



PMG and the Client hereby acknowledge that both parties may become involved in and or become aware of sensitive and confidential information about each other’s company and agree to protect and keep any information confidential.



PMG is not liable for any loss or damages to the Client’s company in any way; and the Client understands that all final projects are approved by the Client before any content is made public; and therefore final approval by the Client releases PMG from any claims brought against the Client in association with the project.


Master Agreements

In the event PMG and the Client decide to enter into a master agreement, such agreement shall super cede the terms and conditions stated on this page.


For questions please contact us at or visit our website at for more contact options.

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