How To: Have a COVID-Conscious Photoshoot

We all know that the year 2020 hasn’t exactly gone as planned. Our hopes were high as we began a new decade, and then COVID-19 struck. The world was in lockdown, the safest way to see loved ones was through a screen, businesses were shutting down, and across industries, employees were laid off.

Being in the media production world, a lot of our projects need to happen in person. At Paperboy Media Group, we’re used to receiving a project, and at a day’s notice packing up and traveling to our next filming location. However, things have majorly shifted over the past eight months.

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been hearing “this is our new normal”. Although our “new normal” looks a bit different than it used to, we have found ways to manage our business, film our subjects, and do it safely.

We’re sharing these best practices with you so we can keep each other safe. If you have more tips, share them in the comments or let us know on social media.

Prepping for the shoot:

Have a conversation with your subjects and explain your COVID safety policies.

Do a health check with all participants on the day of, and if anyone feels even slightly sick, reschedule. Projects can be pushed, and make sure everyone involved knows that their health is your number one priority.

Pack everything you need. To run a COVID-conscious photo or video shoot, Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mask or face covering, plus a backup

  • Gloves

  • Shoe coverings

  • Medical-grade disinfectant

  • Hand sanitizer

Throughout the shoot, we limit interaction as much as possible. Prior to the shoot, our team gets tested for COVID. Day of shoot temperatures are taken, we wash our hands frequently, and use sanitizer between takes. We lay our equipment out on freshly washed towels, wear gloves when micing up talent, utilize the boom pole for a full extension of sound, and do it all with a smile - under our masks of course.

Stay safe and get it done

The state of the world may have us feeling a bit uncertain at times. It is important to remember that we are all in this together, and we have to do whatever we can to keep each other safe.

If you need a laugh after planning the logistics of your next COVID-conscious photoshoot, check out our latest video: Choose your PMG COVID Crew Member

All the best,

The PMG Team

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